London — September 25th, 2019Quant Network today announced The Overledger Network: “The network of networks for a Hyper-connected world”.

Overledger Network powers universal decentralisation as the market infrastructure for digital assets.

Quant has already solved interoperability through Overledger an operating system that enables any legacy network and current and future blockchains and distributed ledger technologies to interconnect at scale. Today we are proud to share our plans for The Overledger Network.

The Overledger Network is a network of networks, which allows enterprise and community stakeholders to access and participate in a growing hyper-connected decentralised ecosystem.

Enterprise will be able to host their own secure dedicated gateways, opening up the many benefits that may arise from hyper-decentralisation which come from the ability to connect their networks securely to distributed systems, permissioned networks, permissionless networks, ecosystems, consortia and other distributed technologies.

Solving the challenges of companies operating in silos, the Overledger network provides interoperability to connect and prosper. The resulting benefits facilitate enterprise access to new markets and new users across all the different blockchains without compromising their corporate security policies and regulation.

The benefits also extend beyond enterprise to the thriving blockchain community. By hosting an Overledger Network Gateway, the community members will be helping to build the next generation hyper-decentralised applications and ecosystem.

In return for participating in the Overledger Network ecosystem, community members will be able to earn QNT, the extent of which can vary depending on the gateway tiers and volume.

Read what Forbes magazine has most recently said about Quant Network’s market presence.

Be part of the foundation for the internet of trust.

Register to be part of the Network of networks for a Hyper-connected world now.

Quant is committed to unleashing the power of systems that are as connected as the world we live in.

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Quant is committed to unleashing the power of systems that are as connected as the world we live in.

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