The partnership aims to enable Interoperable and Regulatory-Compliant Digital Assets and Security Tokens in Capital Markets and Exchange Infrastructure by integrating Quant’s interoperability technology Overledger into AX Trading Network.

NEW YORK and LONDON, August 09, 2019 — AX Trading LLC (AX), a technology-enabled registered broker-dealer and Alternative Trading System (ATS) operator, today announced a strategic partnership with Quant Networka pioneering technology company providing financial and regulatory technology as well as interoperability in financial services, payments and capital markets infrastructure.

Through this partnership, Quant Network’s technology, Overledger a blockchain operating system, will enable universal interoperability for regulatory-compliant security tokens and digital assets to be traded on AX ATS, a regulated secondary trading market. AX intends to integrate Overledger to help foster the evolution of traditional capital markets infrastructure to facilitate the mass implementation of interoperable regulated digital assets. With the increased market adoption of digital assets and banking “coins” such as JPMorgan Coin, AX and Quant Network are at the forefront to enable the transferability and movement of digital assets.

Quant Network’s Overledger technology enables universal interoperability, one of the biggest challenges and unmet needs faced by the financial industry, to develop and implement interoperable blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology based applications spanning different technologies — helping to foster the adoption of a global digital asset and trading standard.

George O’Krepkie, AX CEO said: “we look forward to partnering with Quant. Their technology will allow our blockchain agnostic security token exchange to communicate seamlessly with issuers, traders, investors, and regulators across different blockchain protocols. This is a key technological breakthrough that will help us bring the benefits of security tokens to Main Street and Wall Street.”

Gilbert Verdian, CEO of Quant Network said: “We are delighted to collaborate with AX Trading, to foster the evolution of new decentralized capital markets and exchange infrastructure, by using Overledger to facilitate interoperability, allowing for digital assets to be traded and transferred across DLT networks on a regulated digital trading exchange.”

The AX Trading team has built several trading and liquidity solutions across the global fixed income and equity markets. O’Krepkie went on to say, “AX Trading and Quant Network share a common view of the importance of interoperability in blockchain-based digital securities technology to the traditional financial markets.”

It is expected that the first interoperable digital asset offering may commence as soon as January 2020, and that the AX Trading ATS may be ready to enable and list interoperable digital assets and securities in 2020.

Please visit and www.quant.networkto learn more.

About AX Trading LLC

Member of FINRA and SIPC

The AX Trading Network is the market’s first “Electronic Trading Network” (ETN), allowing institutional traders to proactively connect and trade with other counterparties in a secure environment. In today’s trading world, where more and more liquidity is being withheld from the market, AX provides a way for institutional traders to proactively reach out to targeted counterparties in a way that protects their trading intentions and their identity. AX Trading, LLC is an SEC-registered broker-dealer and Alternative Trading System (ATS). AX can be reached at 917–262–0388 and at

About Quant Network

Quant Network is a technology provider enabling trusted digital interaction, helping create a secure digital future to the benefit of enterprises, regulators, governments, and individuals. Recognised for having solved interoperability through the creation of the world’s first blockchain operating system Overledger, Quant Network is leading the way for innovation and blockchain adoption across enterprise. Headquartered in London, UK, Quant Network is committed to building an internet people can trust.



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Quant Network
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Quant is committed to unleashing the power of systems that are as connected as the world we live in.

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Quant is committed to unleashing the power of systems that are as connected as the world we live in.

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