Announcing our Payment Channels & Escrow Deposit Smart Contract Interaction Challenges

Today sees the release of the first batch of testnet Payment Channels and Escrow Deposit contracts relating to the Overledger Network.

For background information on these topics, see:

· Overledger Network:

· Overledger Network Treasury:

As Quant Network has such an…

The Overledger Network Ecosystem

Payment Channel Introduction

Developers can then use the Overledger Network to consume functionality…

In 2019, Quant Network released a whitepaper [1] introducing the Overledger Network, which will allow enterprise and distributed ledger community stakeholders to access and participate in a multi-ledger global distributed network. The Overledger Network will be made up of gateways that link to various technologies, such as permissioned and permissionless…

Overledger Network powers universal decentralisation as the market infrastructure for digital assets.

Quant has already solved interoperability through Overledger an operating system that enables any legacy network and current and future blockchains and distributed ledger technologies to interconnect at scale. …

The partnership aims to enable Interoperable and Regulatory-Compliant Digital Assets and Security Tokens in Capital Markets and Exchange Infrastructure by integrating Quant’s interoperability technology Overledger into AX Trading Network.

NEW YORK and LONDON, August 09, 2019 — AX Trading LLC (AX), a technology-enabled registered broker-dealer and Alternative Trading System (ATS)…

The partnership agreement aims to integrate the SIAchain infrastructure into Quant Network’s blockchain operating system Overledger to develop and implement blockchain and DLT based applications spanning different technologies.

Milan and London, 05 June 2019SIA, the leading European hi-tech company in the payment services and infrastructures sector, and Quant…


Quant is committed to unleashing the power of systems that are as connected as the world we live in.

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