London, 29 January 2021

The new version provides MainNet access for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple blockchains through Overledger. It features an updated developer portal UI and a new compliance and KYC process for MainNet access. This major milestone for Quant takes us into full live production.

A look at the new dashboard is shown below.

We have implemented mandatory identity checks for use of Overledger production environments in order to meet regulatory compliance requirements and provide support for these checks via both desktop and mobile.

Additionally, our engineering team has migrated our Overledger Test Environment and Overledger Production Environment into AWS EKS clusters for…

Announcing our Payment Channels & Escrow Deposit Smart Contract Interaction Challenges

11 August 2020 – 25 August 2020

Today sees the release of the first batch of testnet Payment Channels and Escrow Deposit contracts relating to the Overledger Network.

For background information on these topics, see:

· Overledger Network:

· Overledger Network Treasury:

As Quant Network has such an enthusiast and engaging community, we have decided to also release some challenges for the first batch of users.

Note that for the challenges below, you will certainly require testnet ETH from a Ropsten faucet (there are a few available online). You may also require more testnet QNT. …

The Overledger Network

With the launch of the Overledger Network for both Enterprise and Community, we’ve started to lay the foundations of the Network of Networks to become a flourishing ecosystem.

In the preliminary phase of stress testing, we will get a good understanding of the network size and workloads and their interaction and communication with the Treasury. We’re planning to end the stress test shortly and provide all participants direct access to Mainnet DLTs and blockchains by requesting an upgrade to your account in the developer portal.

In this current phase:

- Developers and Gateway Operators can interact with the Treasury

The Overledger Network Ecosystem

Payment Channel Introduction

Quant Network has recently commenced the first phase trial of the Overledger Network (OVN). The Overledger Network is made up of many gateways. Each gateway connects and allows access to a resource such as a distributed ledger, data or API.

Developers can then use the Overledger Network to consume functionality from any gateway connected resource. For every resource used, there will be an associated price.

The community treasury allows developers to pay gateway owners QNT to use their resources. …

In 2019, Quant Network released a whitepaper [1] introducing the Overledger Network, which will allow enterprise and distributed ledger community stakeholders to access and participate in a multi-ledger global distributed network. The Overledger Network will be made up of gateways that link to various technologies, such as permissioned and permissionless distributed ledgers, as well as legacy systems. The Overledger Network is therefore set to solve the challenges of enterprises and distributed ledger communities operating in silos. Enterprises will be able to host their own secure dedicated gateways, resulting in access to new markets and new users across many different distributed…

Gilbert Verdian, Founder and CEO of Quant Network, explains why recent developments in interoperability are likely to change attitudes to blockchain.

Ever since the development of the first cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) in 2008, blockchain technology has been hailed by many as a potentially transformative force; a technology which could invest industry and commerce with a new dimension of secure and cost-efficient connectedness. The possibilities seemed limitless. An ‘Internet of Trust’ was on its way.

Today, over a decade on, it is still to arrive — at least on a mass scale. While few would deny that the potential of blockchain as…

February 2020

Today we are releasing a foundational update to the Overledger SDK, starting with Javascript following by Java SDKs. You can watch the technical walkthrough and tutorial by Dr Luke Riley, Head of Innovation and R&D, Quant Labs.

We’ve been working tirelessly to further enhance the capabilities of Overledger and preparing the technology for multi-chain environments.

In this release, we have enabled standardisation of objects to abstract and simplify how to interact with different types of blockchains (UXTO and Account-based) in a common model.

We’ve also created the ability to directly deploy, invoke and query smart contracts directly through Overledger.


December Issue

Quant Network has been busy making waves in the industry, find out the latest developments in the news and in the team!

Constellation Network and Quant Network are integrating to help enterprises procure blockchain technology and enable interoperability with security at scale.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Constellation Network, Inc, a San Francisco based software, big data and “blockchain company” integrate their secure communications protocol with Quant Network’s Overledger — an operating system which solves interoperability of blockchain protocols at scale. The partnership represents a major milestone in the commercialization of blockchain technology by providing an end-to-end path from testing in closed environments to production-ready real-time digital systems.

The integration explained in the recently released paper, “An Internet for Automation with IoT and…

Overledger Network powers universal decentralisation as the market infrastructure for digital assets.

Quant has already solved interoperability through Overledger an operating system that enables any legacy network and current and future blockchains and distributed ledger technologies to interconnect at scale. Today we are proud to share our plans for The Overledger Network.

The Overledger Network is a network of networks, which allows enterprise and community stakeholders to access and participate in a growing hyper-connected decentralised ecosystem.

Enterprise will be able to host their own secure dedicated gateways, opening up the many benefits that may arise from hyper-decentralisation which come from…


Quant is committed to unleashing the power of systems that are as connected as the world we live in.

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